Horses For A Change
  Horses for a Change is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization that operates at Frog Hollow Farm.

 We are an equine facilitated riding program that uses horseback riding and horse care to develop life skills

for students of all ages,  abilities and financial means.

Horses For A Change at Frog Hollow Farm


  Without our horses we would not be able to impact the lives, bodies and spirits of so many children and adults with disabilities and special needs. If you would like to help provide an emotionally safe environment that can empower individuals to transform their lives,

Student Sponsorship

Students from age four to seventy come to us with diverse backgrounds and ability levels. Some have physical, cognitive, sensory or emotional disabilities, Other students are pre-teens to middle aged adults who benefit from the confidence and independence gained from the equestrian experience. For children and adults with disabilities, no other therapeutic recreational opportunity benefits so many aspects of a disability in such a holistic way. A student's muscles grow stronger while brushing and grooming a horse. Confidence develops when learning to interact with a gentle but powerful animal. Emotional connections develop with the horses, instructor, volunteers and fellow students. Contact us for information on how you can help sponsor a child or adult with disabilities in our program.

Horses for a Change at Frog Hollow Farm

570 Old Post Road

Esopus, NY  12561


Horse and Pony Sponsorship

Over the course of a year, the cost of feed, bedding, horse shoes, standard veterinary services, quality care and training for our equine partners adds up to over $10,000 per horse. Your support can help Horses For A Change provide the necessary care and training for our horses, that will enable them to be the best possible mounts for the therapy of our riders.

One Month $850.​

Three Months $2,550.

Six Months $5,100.

One Year $10,200.

A horse's soothing rhythm, strength, warmth, and three-dimensional movement pattern provides healthy exercise while improving circulation and muscle tone. The discipline associated with working with horses and the social interactions between peers benefit the mind and spirit while raising self-esteem and increasing self-sufficiency through accomplishment. The unconditional love of the horses has been proved to reduce anxiety, encourage interaction and offer a haven where riders can feel a sense of empowerment.

570 Old Post Road
Esopus, New York 

Please Consider making a tax-deductible donation.