Horses For A Change
  Horses for a Change is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization that operates at Frog Hollow Farm.

 We are an equine facilitated riding program that uses horseback riding and horse care to develop life skills

for students of all ages,  abilities and financial means.

Horses For A Change at Frog Hollow Farm

Your donations can help us maintain the biggest part of our program - The Horses!  Our four legged friends are truly the best therapists.   If you are interested in sponsoring one of our special horses, please contact us for more information.   

Sunny - Morgan/Paint Gelding


                                     Roman - Quarter Horse Schoolmaster

Nick of Time

 Mustang/Welsh/Quarter Horse Nico and his brother Jake did not have an easy start to their lives. They lived in a muddy pen for four years where both had been severely neglected and left much of the time to fend for themselves when their owner left for the shore in the summer. They were not being fed and had only the water running off the roof of the barn. Michelle Morville of Sleigh Run Farm in NJ learned of the plight of these two ponies when a neighbor contacted her and said they had gotten loose and appeared to be starving. Nico and Jake were turned over to Michelle, as even the meat man did not want them. After veterinary treatment and gaining the care they required, both ponies soon bloomed under saddle, willingly doing ring work and taking small jumps in stride. Nick led a group of seasoned horses on his first trail ride, through mud and streams, with hikers & bikers passing by, as if he had done it every day of his life. In Michelle’s words, “Both horses, so eager for attention, soaked up all the love & learning, never looking back”. Both were then ready for their forever homes, and Nick came to Frog Hollow Farm where he has become a special partner in the riding program.

Meeko, aka “A Little Off The Top”
Meeko was a sad pony that needed a tooth removed. It was hand loose, abscessed and draining under his jaw. He had a slab fragment fracture of his right lower first molar, which the vet thought could possibly have been done in the field. The 23 year old girl who owned him kept him on a lovely farm, but could not afford the medical treatment his jaw needed. The veterinarian who had done the prepurchase exam told her he was 4 years old with a molar coming in. In actuality, he was 6 years old with an abcessed cracked tooth. She was trying to find a home for him as she could not afford the necessary veterinary care. Michelle Morville from Sleigh Run Farm took Meeko aboard and had the surgery done. $1,000.00 later, a piece of jaw out along with the tooth, and a month of Doxycylinne, he was all better and ready to go back to work. Off he went to Frog Hollow Farm’s open embrace.  Meeko is a sweet boy with a nice mind and is still sweet even though he was starved, frostbitten till his ear tips fell off, and probably kicked in face.

570 Old Post Road
Esopus, New York 

If you are interested in learning more about our horses and riding program, please contact us. 


Horses for a Change at Frog Hollow Farm

570 Old Post Road

Esopus, NY


Our Horses

Ludwig - RIP

Essex - 20 + year old warmblood schoolmaster


Lolly Pop

      Rosa - POA  (Pony of the Americas)

~~This is Willie and his sister Belle. They were listed on Craigs List in June of 2011 and The owner was an older gentleman who used to do a lot of driving. He had gotten these two to be a driving pair as weanlings. They not been handled much and they had not been out of their pasture. The pair were priced at auction/slaughter level as the man had been trying to sell them with no luck, and they were headed to auction because he needed knee surgery. Their pasture was weedy and unkempt, they were very light on weight but not skinny, and although you could groom them they had never been trimmed or wormed or vaccinated other than when Willie(Mack) was gelded. They had no idea how to lead. Their water was filthy and shallow and it was 90 degrees and humid. The filly had a major roach back and was several hands shorter than the gelding so they would never have made a pair. They were friendly and would beg treats from neighbors passing by. When the pasture gate was opened, they bolted and broke loose. Several hours of trailer loading 101 later, they arrived in Stillwater. The only thing harder than loading an unhandled Hafflinger (Willie), was unloaded his filly buddy who was scared and planted her feet and would not budge. Several hours later they were safely in their new paddock. Molly (Belle) was given to a 4H girl who was 11 years old and she is now trained ,shown and loved by her young owner. Willie was started with groundwork and backed before going to Frog Hollow,