570 Old Post Road
Esopus, New York 

  Horses For A Change
  Horses for a Change is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization that operates at Frog Hollow Farm.

 We are an equine facilitated riding program that uses horseback riding and horse care to develop life skills

for students of all ages,  abilities and financial means.

Horses For A Change at Frog Hollow Farm

A beginner rider (child or adult) would start on the lunge line where the instructor would be responsible for the control of the horse, and the student could focus on her body control. Until a rider is feeling secure at the walk and trot, we stay on the lunge. Then we work on steering, stopping and energizing the horse until the rider feels confident to ride in a group if they choose. Each time we move to a new activity like cantering or jumping, we return to the lunge so the rider can focus on one thing at a time.
An advanced rider might be working towards moving up in competition, or practicing advanced movements like half pass, canter pirouettes and tempi changes. At Frog Hollow Farm the rider can work towards their specific goals with confidence. Whether riding your own horse or one of our educated school horses, we can give you a positive learning experience.

We welcome adult and child beginners, as well as experienced riders who want to hone their skills. Although many of our students choose to compete, our emphasis is on creating a harmonious relationship between rider and horse and on teaching our riders to be all-around competent horse people.

Riding Lessons